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Service of automatic reception of requests and payments works.


Reclamation service

To the authorized users on not requiring delay questions. Weekdays from 10-00 to 18-00 on Kiev time.

We issue Personal passports -Ukraine

We issue Personal passports -Ukraine

Check passport
WM# 293064516288

BL: 1950


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Z310627295398 R108114688690

Do not make direct transfers, use for automatic payments only.

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Download WMKeeperPRO v3.9.9.12 RU

Important information:
  • From 31/12/12 Privat24 raised commission for acceptance of payments in automatic mode up to 2%. Information about rate changes in manual mode transfers via Privat24, cash desk and terminals have not been reported. Discussion of topic on the forum Rates changes Privat24 in 2015

Вывод, пополнение и обмен wm-знаков

WEBMONEY EXCHANGE (Only for private persons)

  • Replenishment of somebody else's purses or withdrawal of funds on another's cards is forbidden. Support is not carrying out on such operations.
  • Transfers on cards not belonging to the proprietors of WMID are blocking. Attentively become familiar with Agreement pp 4.5,4.6
The exchange, add funds, withdraw funds of WebMoney title units is being carried out by filling of the application form and by your subsequent payment of the transaction. In case of choosing automatic direction of exchange, the system will automatically transfer without participation of operator. During registration, you will receive messages to your WM Keeper .

Information about the method’s choice of payment at the withdrawing of funds in a calculation form:
  • Choose VISA CARD for the cards of Ukrainian and CIS banks
  • Choose International Visa for the cards of international non-Ukrainian and non-CIS banks

To renew the form

Automatic adding, withdrawing, and WebMoney exchange – Privatbank, Privat24, Visa - Ukraine. WMU,WMZ,WMR,WME.

The Service allows making automatically and instantly adding, exchange and withdrawing of WebMoney:

  • PRIVATBANK - Ukraine
  • PRIVAT24 - Ukraine
  • CIS VISA card (LiqPay’s processing) – Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Moldavia, Russia, Tadjikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine.
  • International VISA card (LiqPay’s processing)
The exchange between WMT electronic currencies is accessible. Service, being a sluice between the payment systems, intends to develop, connecting yet more services in WebMoney. Have implemented the first automatic operations of addition, withdrawing and exchange of title units of Russian EPS WMT, we suggest using the assured risk free service. Resulting currencies can be: UAH, USD, EUR. While designing tasks, developers made an effort do the use of web-site maximally simple and comfortable.

We turn your attention to availability of offline (manual handling of applications) methods of adding or withdrawing of funds:
Additional methods are opening by an appeal to the support service.
Services are accessible only to the private persons. Exchanges with the e-cashes of other EPS are categorically eliminated. Services for legal entities are not rendered.

*Transfers in Ukraine are conducted only in national currency.

Replenishment of WEBMONEY – purses

Add Webmoney

It is possible to fill up webmoney quickly via your Service, not depending upon location, if connection and on-line access to the accounts management in the Internet is present. Expenses at WM-purse replenishment depend on the method of fund transfer and compile from the commission of the Service and WMT.
At the choice of purchase direction, where payment on the account of WMchanger is expected from a bank’s branch or from a cash desk – a user receives a message to the Keeper, that contains the essential elements of account for payment.* Replenishment of webmoney is conducted after fund transfer and informing of the support service about the fact of transfer.

*It is not extremely desirable to use the before gotten essential elements on the already completed transactions.

Withdrawing of WEBMONEY

Withdrawing of WebMoney in Ukraine, CIS and all over the world takes place through stable, popular, having large networks of branches organisations. Taking into account status of the financial institutions given above, we can safely recommend them.
Operations are executed on optimal tariffs.
Obligatory commission of EPS for every transaction - 0.8%, but no more then:
50 250 50 1500
Commission for enrollment of funds on your account - in accordance with the service tariffs. At a receipt by cash - according to the tariffs of the money transfer systems.

Exchange of WEBMONEY

Except replenishment and withdrawal of title units, you have possibility to exchange webmoney *. The procedure accomplishes in the automatic mode, after filling the application form. During the cycle of WM exchange, a user receives message to Keeper about motion of the process. Right after the user’s payment of his part of the transaction, WMchanger’s processing sends funds instantly.

*Conversion is possible only between purses belonging to one WMID.

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Last news
30.10.14 20:53
C 30 октября 2014 года изменены реквизиты для приема off-line платежей через Приватбанк
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С 17:00 21.06.13 до 25.06.13 включительно, доступ в систему OTPdirekt будет невозможен
26.02.13 22:32
C 27 февраля 2013 г изменены реквизиты для приема платежей через Дельта Банк. На предыдущие реквизиты просьба переводов не совершать. Пользуйтесь актуальной информацией поступающей в ваш WebMoney Keeper при оформлении заявки.
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