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Service of automatic reception of requests and payments works.


About the service

With the development of technologies in the information sphere, structures, aimed for the business, received a huge number of users who prefer online shopping to tedious visits to shops in real life. However, the positive qualities of e-commerce systems with calculations by means of credit cards were not sufficiently secure and complicated for most users.

The use of electronic payment systems has reduced the complexity of mutual settlement between buyers and sellers which represent internet shops. Now there is no need to visit offices, bank branches, use different systems of remittances. To effect a purchase you only need to buy the required number of title units of EPS WebMoney and pay for goods or services available online by using algorithms and processing provided by the web - resources.

The task of WMchanger - is to minimize the complexity of conducting any transactions with electronic money WebMoney, to help Internet-shops in the creation of tools for mutual settling with customers. The main function of WMchanger - is an exchange, add and withdrawal of electronic title units of EPS WebMoney in Ukraine and CIS.

In the near future WMchanger brings into operation an additional means for adding and withdrawing of WebMoney title units, which will allow users to get more conveniences in transactions with EPS WebMoney and related to them calculations in e-commerce system.

Safety of WMchanger is based on the recommended program interfaces of WebMoney and collaborating with us banking systems. In the software implementation of WMchanger computer code provided by EPS Webmoney and banking systems can not be modified. Payment is possible only through these interfaces - using the database of the above-mentioned systems. This means that payments will not disappear and will not be lost. No script can not be called directly - only through the pages of the site that does not allow to use the software component in order to harm the user or the Service. All forms are protected from css and csrf attacks, so it will be very difficult for violator to crack the site.

Registered users have access to private personal zone of WMchanger, where they can always see the history of their transactions with the Service. All transactions have the comment containing the terms of exchange. In regulated time Operators of the Service assist users in matters arising in connection with the use of WMchanger.

Advantages of the exchange, adding, withdrawing Service of WebMoney title units.
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Adding – withdrawing rates of webmoney for individuals.
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What you should do to get the title units Webmoney
Before use the services exchanger point E-COM (WebMoney Dnepropetrovsk) we offer to get acquainted with rule exchanger point E-COM (WebMoney Dnepropetrovsk)
What you should do to sell the WebMoney title units.
Methods of calculation with users, rules of fund transfers to users.
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