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Service of automatic reception of requests and payments works.


      The Reception and dispatch translation on system Privat24 is produced by us during 12 workers hours, as far as possible right after receptions of the facilities from You.

<img src="img 0" align="left" width="46" height="51" border="0" />       Privat24 is reliable and suitable system internet-banking. It Is Intended for governing bank count through network Internet. Given system gives its user a complex bank services in mode of the realtime night and day, from any point of the world having output in Internet.

      For buying title sign WM, You перечисляете amount on specified May count in Privat24. The Money on count enter immediately and we immediately enroll the title signs WM on Your purse. When selling title sign WM, after reception from You title sign WM, we immediately translate with its count Privat24 on Your count of the facility. You conduct the operation, not coming out of building or office, and spare its time.

      Tariffs of the system Privat24:

Inwardly bank translation on count of other person

0.50 uah

Translation between banks in national currency

3.00 uah

Our requisitions in system Privat24:

UAH Translation on card/count № ****************

USD Translation on card/count № ****************

For acknowledgement of the translation get in touch with us any suitable method for you!

      To place the money on card/count in PRIVATBANK not having own count necessary to apply to pay-desk of the nearest branch PRIVATBANK with number of the card/count.

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