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Service of automatic reception of requests and payments works.


Annex 3 to the Agreement on transfer of property rights with digital title units.

Offered products and services are provided not by the order of the person or enterprise which operate WebMoney Transfer system.We are an independent company, providing services, and independently make decisions about pricing and offers.The enterprises which use the WebMoney Transfer system, do not receive commissions or other remuneration for participation in the provision of services and do not bear any responsibility for our actions.

Attestation, manufactured by the WebMoney Transfer, only confirms our essential elements for connection and identity. It is carried out according to our wishes and does not mean that we are in any way connected with the sales of the operators of the WebMoney system.

User's agreement with EL.Commerce service/ Wmchanger (http://wmchanger.com).
General position.

All calculations in the Internet project "WMchanger" are being carried out with the help of WebMoney (WM) title units, noncash (currency) of any state.
In connection with the foregoing, the concepts «electronic currency», «internet money», «electronic money», «purchase», «sale», «price», «value», «commission», «course», «tariffs» and other, derivatives thereof or similar used in this regulation, and any other sections of this web-resource, used solely for convenient usage and can not be understood as a designation of what is called the strict legal terms: : currency exchange, purchase, sale etcetera, as well as other actions related to financial transactions.
All exchanges are no more than cession of legal claims for WebMoney title units and regulated by WebMoney Transfer regulations and the Civil Legal Code of Ukraine.

This document, hereinafter referred to as the Agreement, describes terms of provided services by exchange service WMchanger. Before using the service, User must read and accept all regulations set forth in the Agreement. If user does not agree with the rules, restrictions and other conditions of cooperation set forth in the Agreement, he has no right to carry out exchange operations in the service WMChanger.

The current version of the Agreement for public access is at: http://wmchanger.com/text/about_service/rules/agreement.html. Administration of the WMchanger service has the right to amend unilaterally certain regulations of the Agreement without User’s notification. The changes will take effect upon publication on this site.

Terms and definitions:

1.1 WMchanger – the automatic exchange office, located at: www.wmchanger.com, hereinafter referred to asthe Service.

1.2 The legal claim (hereinafter referred to as «LC» in abbreviated form) - the legal claims to a third party within the bounds of the present Agreement may be handed over (conceded) in accordance with the Article 512 of the Civil Code of Ukraine.

1.3 WebMoney Transfer System (hereinafter – «the System») - automated system used by the Parties in order to fulfill its obligations under the Treaty for quantifying RC, held by a creditor, and other users of the System. Description, terms of use and other information about the System is located on the official website www.webmoney.ru

1.4 Users of the System – (hereinafter – «US») physical and legal persons registered in the System in accordance with the established procedures.

1.5 The Requisites - the user's account in the System with information about quantity of title units.

1.6 The title units (hereinafter referred to as «TU»)are - the displayed information about accounting units of LC held by a certain owner.

1.7 Services of the Service – add funds-withdraw funds and exchange operations of WebMoney title units.

1.8 Payment System – the product, created by a third party, which is the mechanism of realization accounting of title units and exchange between Users.

1.9 Payment - the transfer of funds from payer to recipient in the cession of LC according to the agreement.

2. Introduction

2.1. This Agreement is a regulatory document which governs the relationship between the Service and User. This Agreement supersedes any arrangements between the parties of the subject that have arisen earlier.

2.2. This agreement does not alter the laws of the countries the service has been registered in and the user is located. In the event the current Legislation finds out the facts, according to which the user can not use the services of the Service, further use of the service functions by User acknowledges illegal and prohibited by the Agreement.

2.3. The Service provides full guarantee of confidentiality of information about User’s operations. Confidential information can be provided only on demand of state agencies that have the appropriate authority, as well as representatives of the Payment systems if they provide appropriate documentary evidence of legal grounds.

3. Subject of the agreement.

3.1 Subject of the Agreement – operations of the Service which connect with cession of legal claim of the title units of the electronic payment system WebMoney.

3.2. The Service works with all Users, without checking history and validity of cession the legal claim of title units of the system, obtained from other users. Service does not exercise control over financial transactions conducted by User.

3.3. The Service is not liable for unauthorized, incorrect use of opportunities provided by the Payment system, as well as the facts of abuse of features of the Payment system by User. Service is not a party which represents the interests of both User and Payment system. Financial institutions and Payment system are responsible for obtaining funds for the cession of claims for title units of WebMoney system or the title units of WebMoney, referred to the Service. In other words, the Service is not responsible for transactions that are not paid through the fault of payment systems.

3.4. If the cession of legal claims operation to ownership of WebMoney title units by User or the Service is complete, it can not be repealed. You can not demand the cancellation of prior operation.

3.5. The Service has the right to cancel or suspend ongoing operation with User in case of receiving officially written confirmation from relevant government organizations executive authority of incompetence of possessing finances by User. In this case, the service stops cooperation with the User.

3.6. If User violates points of this agreement, Service has the right to stop ongoing operation

3.7. The Service has the exclusive right to cancel (interrupt) on-going financial transaction without explanation to User.

3.8. The Service has a right on the refuse of grant of services support to users with alias passport and on the requirement to get a passport not below formal with uploaded and verified by the WebMoney Verification Service electronic copies of the civil passport.

4. About functioning of the Service.

4.1. Filling of an application and transfer of WebMoney title units or funds to the cession of legal claims of ownership rights, User performs only through programming interfaces of the Service, by controlling the ongoing operation and receiving background information about the process. During working hours User can turn to the Service Support using the phone numbers for customer service to clarify the state of motion of a particular unrecorded by User transaction. The Service does not guarantee continuous and uninterrupted operation of online chat Support Service and does not position online chat as a means for communication between User and the Service.

4.2. Regulation of the Service functioning is available for public inspection and is an integral part of this Agreement, which regulates the Service functions

4.3. When making applications for adding-withdrawing operations, Service provides forms, they are considered to content personal data of the user mandatory. These data are: passport number, surname, first name, individual tax number. In the absence of such information in the applications - Service denies the user in the application process.

4.4. Using the interactive forms of registration on the website, making an order, of appeals to the support service, postal form, forums and other functional divisions of the website, requiring the entry of the personal data of a user - a user agrees with that any personal data given by a user is kept in the database of the website’s server WMCHANGER.COM prematurely and is not a subject to be moved away.

4.5. In accordance with the demands of the WebMoney system, directed to counteract operations with fraud type – Service holds up operations as a preventative step where the divergences in essential elements of the Surname Name of the ID owner and in the Surname Name of the bank card/account owner are revealed and refers information to the Arbitration of the WebMoney system with a request to block the actions of such participant temporally to finding out the real matter and reason of such transaction.
Continuation of the transaction or return of facilities is possible only in case of successful solution of the situation in the Arbitrage Service.

4.6. In case of occurring of event described in the p.4.5 - upon return of facilities, Service retains a 50 WMZ fine.

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