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Service of automatic reception of requests and payments works.

User's agreement with EL.Commerce service/ Wmchanger (http://wmchanger.com) Continuation.
5. About taxation.

5.1. User must make all tax contribution alone, guided by the tax legislation of the place of residence. Service is not responsible for the timely payment of taxes by User and is not a tax agent for User.

5.2.In the event of a dispute with tax authorities, under the requirements of the authorities to settle debts that have arisen in the User's failure to pay taxes, the User accepts the agreement on compensation for Service of all costs associated with these payments.

6. Mandatory warranties and liability.

6.1. All services provided by the Service are described in this agreement. Service does not provide additional safeguards to User.

6.2. All the guarantees provided in this agreement apply to sums that User entrusted to the Service. Service is not liable for damages that User may incur in the event of impossibility of access to site resources of the Service.

6.3. The Service can not give a full guarantee for the continuous operation and providing round-the-clock services.

6.4. The Service is not liable for lost profits by User, if the losses were caused by technical errors and failures encountered in carrying out payments.

6.5. The Service is not liable for lost profits and losses that arose as a result of User's mistake.

6.6. User is guaranteed to recover losses that are associated with receiving services from the Service in case of suits from third parties. Exceptions are cases that have arisen as a result of unforeseen or willful misconduct of the Service.

6.7. User agrees that unauthorized use of service content will be unlawful. All Service information falls under the protection of the provision Legislation of the law on copyright and intellectual property rights.

6.8. User warrants and confirms that owns or possesses all rights to moderate sums referred in its transactions.

7. Act of Providence.

7.1. User and the Service are not liable in case of act of Providence: natural disasters, fires, floods, and interference from outside forces (terrorism, civil unrest or a change of power), dispensing with the operation of communication systems and other networks.

8. Form of the Agreement.

8.1. User and the Service recognize that the electronic form of this contract is equivalent to the validity of the written contract.

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