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Service of automatic reception of requests and payments works.


How to get a Personal passport

  • Login to the Verification Center.
  • On the opened page click Apply for WebMoney Passport, or just follow this link. Please login by the WMID which you want to certify.
  • Fill in the application for acquiring personal passport.
    All necessary information and data of the passport fill in accurately, without abridgement, exactly like in the civil passport. Fill the data in Russian or in English if you are a foreigner, including the field "Who issued a passport" and other fields. If you have already filled the application earlier – check the correctness of its filling!
    Correct filling of the application(click to increase)
    ATTENTION! Filling the fields of "Permanent registration" (City and Address) for the Ukrainian passports is obligatory.
    ATTENTION! If you want to certify the field "ITN", fill it in the application.
    Example of rightly filled application look at the screenshot. If you fill the application incorrectly, I will have remarks and you will need to correct them. Thereat, the issuing of the Personal passport can be delayed. Save your time and please fill in everything correctly and accurately from the first time!
  • In the section "Apply for a WebMoney Passport" click Personal passport.
  • In the opened list of registrar find WMID 293064516288 and click the reference get a passport.
  • Go back to the control panel and pay the cost of the passport (30 WMZ) - via link pay.
    Pay for the passport before surrender documents, not after. It will save time of issuing the passport. By the way, you can return money paid for the passport at any moment by clicking "call back the application".
  • Passport can be issued only after a personal meeting with you.
    • For a personal meeting you need to apply for a personal passport and wait when the registrar will contact you via internal mail of WMkeeper.
      There is no need to write an email and call the phone numbers listed on the main page, go to online chat or support. The registrar personally deals with the issuance of personal passports.
      Preliminary interview and time of the meeting is determined by the correspondence in WMkeeper by registrar.
      Personal meeting takes place in Dnepropetrovsk. You need to take to the meeting:
      1) civil Passport (you need to show it)
      2) a copy of the ITN (this is optional, if a copy of ITN is not provided, then the corresponding field in the passport will not be certified).
Passport enters in force immediately after issuing and you get all the rights in the system, which it provides. Do not pay attention to the status Secondary check is not done. Approximately, once a quarter, I send all the accumulated certification documents to the Verification Center (Moscow), where they undergo a formal secondary check, as required by the Regulations.

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