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Service of automatic reception of requests and payments works.

Talking about the procedure of uploading copies of the civil passport to the Verification centre centre of the WebMoney system, we first note that each member of the system should be interested in the passage of this procedure. Downloading and the following verification of the images of the passport allows user to use the services of the system for smooth replenishment of WM-purse and withdrawing of webmoney title units from the system to the bank card, through the money transfer systems, in cash, etc.

Operator of the service WMchanger.com often receive offers to withdraw funds without checking images of the passport by the Verification center. This situation repeats every day and every day the operators explain the impossibility of committing the procedures of adding-withdrawing of webmoney by passing algorithm of system verification. Arguments about the existence of other services which allow users to circumvent the rules of WebMoney concerning activities of the exchange points only confirm that there is still a certain amount of black exchangers that are trying to break the existing regulations.

However if the member of the system is interested in providing a stable and quality services of adding and withdrawing of title units he'll never use the dubious proposal of conducting an operation according to a simplified scheme. Such actions could lead to a ban of both WMIDs – the WMID of one who rendered such services and who’d used them. As a result - a long correspondence with Arbitration system and the worst outcome - denial of service.

Therefore we recommend to fulfil all the requirements of the system which concern verification of the users data. Use only officially registered exchange points of the system for adding and withdrawing funds. If you are offered to withdraw funds without checks using direct transfer from purse to purse - refuse.

On April 15, 2010 new regulations on the order of exchange operations in the WebMoney system entered into force.. Adding, withdrawing, exchange of webmoney in favor of third parties is prohibited. This means that only the owner of wm-purse can fill them with his bank card, cash, through a money transfer systems, through a bank branch, etc. Owner of wm-purse can transfer webmoney to his bank cards, accounts, through a money transfer systems on his personal data, etc.

In addition to these requirements, in order to avoid problems in adding, withdrawing of webmoney funds, all members of the WebMoney system must have at least a formal passport. Personal information in a formal passport must be filled in Russian language. Foreigners fill the data in Latin. If the data in a formal passport differs from data in the civil passport, member of the WevMoney system must apply to the Verification Center with a request to change data into Russian language. Also users of the WebMoney system should load scanned color copy of all main passport pages to https://passport.webmoney.ru/asp/Upload.asp and wait until checking is finished. If you do not have scanner you can take a photo of all main passport pages.

The images must be color and information - easy reading. The WebMoney system regulates verification of documents by two days. Documents may be verified within a few hours sometimes the check can be delayed for 3-10 days. Owners of the personal passport and higher does not have to download to passport.webmoney.ru scanned color copy of all main passport pages.

To upload the scanned color copy of all main passport pages you need to:

Scan or take a photo of 1-st 2-nd pages and the page with registration and save them to your computer

Run your WebMoney Keeper

Go to Control Panel of the passport и Pass the authorization by WebMoney Keeper.

Read the requirements for the uploading documents (they must be in GIF or JPG format and do not exceed 1 Mb)

Uploading of the scanned color copy of the passport in the Verification center passport.webmoney.ru Step 1 (Click to enlarge)
In the Step#1 click «Browse» and choose 1 file with the image, click «Open» and on the page of downloading of the document click on «Upload file»

Uploading of the scanned color copy of the passport in the Verification center passport.webmoney.ru Step 2

In the Step#2 specify the name of the document – «passport». As the aim of uploading document choose «Other aim»

Uploading of the scanned color copy of the passport in the Verification center passport.webmoney.ru Step 3

Click «Finish uploading»

Following these instructions download the remaining main pages of the passport.

After uploading the documents you'll need to wait for their verification by operators of the Verification center. You will receive a message to your WebMoney Keeper or on e-mail that your documents have been checked. You need to upload documents only 1 time. After that you can freely add, withdraw webmoney funds from the system. If 2 days from the date of uploading images of the passport gone, but you have not received notification, you can make an application on the main page of wmchanger.com and if the form passes you, images of your passport has been verified. Please treat with understanding to these requirements of the WebMoney system, which have affected all users. Primarily they are intended for protection from fraud of all members in the system.

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