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Service of automatic reception of requests and payments works.

Things to do if you can not make the adding or withdrawing from the purse because of an error The exchange in favour of third parties is prohibited?

First, check - specified personal data in application of adding or withdrawing of the WebMoney title units must be identical to personal data in your WebMoney passport. It is likely that you are using non-Russian variant spelling of surname, name or you have used fictitious personal information during registration in the WebMoney. You can check your personal information by passing authorisation using your WebMoney Keeper in the site passport.webmoney.ru. In any case, you will need to undergo the procedure of changing the registration data to make correction in your personal information.

These facts are related to the verification of data on adding or withdrawing of Webmoney, ongoing by WMT system itself and are primarily associated with the Regulation on the use of the WebMoney Transfer system for exchange transactions in financial instruments (enters into force on April 15, 2010).

The underlying emphasis is placed on provisions that adding or withdrawing of the WebMoney title units performed only by the owner of the ID, excluding the participation of third parties.

Thus the WebMoney system virtually cease the turnover obtained by illegal means.
WMchanger recommendations:

1. Users with the alias passport should pass the procedure for obtaining a formal passport. Receiving the formal passport fill the application with personal details exactly as they appear in your passport.

2.Users with a formal passport, whose personal details are filled in the passport in Latin - write to WebMoney support (support.webmoney.ru) with a request to amend personal data in accordance with the language keyboard layout used when filling your passport.

The users of the remaining types of passports would not have problems.

About new rules for WebMoney exchange offices.

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