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To replenish a purse with WM title units via ОТP Bank, you need need to pass registration in WMchanger and send a new appeal to our support service, choose as a theme «To open access to the additional methods» or report us in any way available to you (chat online, by the phone) about the need to open additional method for your login - to work via OTP Bank. Following the above actions and after receipt of notifications about the availability of the necessary method, take the following steps, mentioned in the instruction below.
1. On the site wmchanger.com in the field «GIVE» choose a currency which you give - hryvnia (Uah), Dol. USA or Euro.
Replenishment of WebMoney account via OTP Bank Step 1 (click to enlarge) FIRST STEP
2. In the field «RECEIVE» choose the type of WM-units, which you want to receive – WMZ, WMR, WME, WMU.
Replenishment of WebMoney account via OTP Bank Step 2 (click to enlarge) SECOND STEP
3. Click the button «EXCHANGE», after that the form which you need to fill will appear.
4. In the field «Method» choose «to account in OTP Bank».
Replenishment of WebMoney account via OTP Bank Step 3 (click to enlarge) THIRD STEP
5. Fill in the rest of the fields «Surname, Name, Patronymic name», «Serial number of your passport» and put a tick in the box «I know, understand and agree with rules». If you want to read the rules, click on «I know, understand and agree with rules». Once you read the rules, put a tick and click «To check up information and send a request».  
Replenishment of WebMoney account via OTP Bank Step 4 (click to enlarge) FOURTHS STEP
6. After you've clicked «To check up information and send a request», a message with details of the operation will be send to your WebMoney Keeper.  
Replenishment of WebMoney account via OTP Bank Step 5 (click to enlarge) FIFTHS STEP
26.02.10 13:32 29**********: Hello!

When applying for an exchange 798.39 Uah. на 100.00 WMZ, you have chosen a method, according to which the funds transfer will be carried out manually by the operator of the Service. Please, let us know as soon as you make a transfer to the account in "ОТP Bank" on the account of Surname, Name, Patronymic name tax number / EDRPOU ********** Beneficiary's Bank name АТ"ОТП Банк" г.Киев, 01033, ул.Жилянська, 43 Beneficiary's Bank code ****** account **************, for 100.00 WMZ to the purse Z129718049644 (Your surname, name) of your identifier 29********** (Your surname, name).

The identifier of your transaction in the system: 2945

Accept the agreement by clicking «Accept» in the «AGREEMENT OF ASSIGNMENT AND ACCOUNT OF RIGHT OF CLAIMS»

7. On the page of the site examine the conditions of the agreement and click «Accept».  
Replenishment of WebMoney account via OTP Bank Step 7 (click to enlarge) SEVENTH STEP
8. You will be transferred to the home page of WMchanger.com  
9. Once you make the transfer on these details, please report our support service by a new appeal or by the telephone about the fact of payment. Do not forget to tell the identifier of the transaction. After checking the receipt of funds, the transfer of WM-units will be completed by the operator in manual mode. EIGHTS STEP

Supplemental information about internet service WMchanger.com:
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Direct link to Support of the WMchanger. Chat "Online". From 10.00 to 18.00 on weekdays: Online consultations in WMchanger.
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Email: Send an email.

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