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Service of automatic reception of requests and payments works.


Replenishment of WebMoney via Privatbank is implemented on the Service WMchanger in two ways:

The first method is to buy WebMoney via Privatbank – via Privat24

The fastest method of adding WebMoney funds on one's own purse – use of the internet banking system of Privatbank – Privat24.
This method allows users of Privat24 to buy WebMoney using their own account in Privat24. Buying of WebMoney in the case of using Privat24 is possible in any place where you have access to the Internet. This may be a personal apartment, office or vacation home. And taking into consideration the rapid development of mobile internet, users can buy WebMoney while traveling or business trip.
Detailed step by step algorithm of buying WebMoney is described in the relevant section, where information gives an opportunity to get an idea even to the novice user of the WebMoney system and Privat24 what necessary actions to make in order to buy WebMoney, using Internet banking of Privatbank - Privat24.

The second method is to buy WebMoney via Privatbank – via branch of Privatbank

More typical for off-line systems of accepting payments, but it is still relevant for a user to buy WebMoney and transfer funds to an account of the Service. In this case, payment of account, issued for the buying of WebMoney, makes by a user via a branch of Privatbank on the card or account of the Service, which sends to a user’s WebMoney Keeper after application for the purchasing of WebMoney, choosing options of the method – to the card/account of Privatbank – via branch bank.
Pay via the branch of Privatbank is relevant in cases of lack of access to the automatic payment interfaces. When user does not have an account, registered in the system Privat24 or sometimes automatic payment instrument of Privat24 is not available due to technical upgrades ongoing by the staff of Privatbank or in case of overload of the Internet channel in the direction of servers of Privat24. However, such cases are extremely rare and if you intend to buy WebMoney regularly, then try to become a user of Privat24. It will save your own time and money that you won’t spend on visits to branches of the bank and payment of much higher commissions than the commission of Privat24.

Privatbank. The history of Privatbank.

Below is two links to the description of algorithms of buying WebMoney using the Service WMchanger via Privatbank:

Description of step by step algorithm of user’s actions when replenishing WebMoney account via the internet - banking Privat24.
How to replenish Webmoney purse via an office of CB “Privatbank”.

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