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Service of automatic reception of requests and payments works.

! It is important to know:

1. There are restrictions on one-time cash payment of WebMoney to a VISA card - up to 250 USD for 1 transaction and up to 495 USD per 24 hours to 1 VISA card. Try to adhere to these restrictions in the withdrawal of webmoney on VISA card, as the Service does not include amounts previously withdrawn for a specific VISA card. Transfers are possible only on Visa cards issued by banks of the CIS.

Transfers made on cards issued by non-banks of the CIS will be returned to sender with less of commission of the WebMoney system. Warning!:The method of withdrawing WebMoney on VISA card may not be available for holders of VISA cards issued by Privatbank. For the holders of Privatbank VISA card a method for direct payment through the processing of the bank itself is implemented, rather than via VISA.
Ukrainian users who own VISA cards, issued by banks: OTP bank, Ukrsocbank, Universal Bank, Raiffaisen Bank Aval, can use off-line methods of direct admission to their cards. Such transfers does not of an instantaneous character, but their advantage is that the transfer is performed by intra-processing and is not an international transfer, which represents a transfer via the processing of VISA.
In order to make a withdrawing of WebMoney on VISA card, you should:
1.On the site wmchanger.com in the field «GIVE» select the type of title units, which you give - WMU, WMZ, WME .
Withdrawing of WebMoney on VISA card Step 1 (click to enlarge) FIRST STEP
2.In the field «RECEIVE» select the type of currency you want to get - UAH, USD, EURO.
Withdrawing of WebMoney on VISA card Step 2 (click to enlarge) SECOND STEP
3. Click «EXCHANGE», and then you have to fill the form.
As a «Method» you have to choose «VISA CARD».
Withdrawing of WebMoney on VISA card Step 3 (click to enlarge) THIRD STEP
4. Fill remained fields «surname, name, patronymic», «serial, number of the passport» and put tick in the box «I know, understand and agree with rules». If you want to get acquainted with rules, click on the «I know, understand and agree with rules». Once you read the rules, put a tick and click «Check incorporated data». In case of successful test the Button «Send application to administrator» appears.  
Withdrawing of WebMoney on VISA card Step 4 (click to enlarge) FOURTH STEP
5. Once you click «Send application to administrator», you will be transfered to the page of agreement - the order of cession of legal claims, and you will receive a message on your WebMoney Keeper, which will include details about the conditions of the application performance.  
Withdrawing of WebMoney on VISA card Step 5 (click to enlarge)
Accept the agreement by clicking «Confirm» in the «Agreement of cession and accounting legal claims»

Messages which you receive to your WebMoney Keeper:

Hello, surname, name, patronymic!

When applying for an exchange WMZ to 100 760.32 Grn. VISA CARD: `1234123412341234` you had chosen the way, according to which WMchanger process the transfer of funds automatically. Continue the procedure of payment in accordance with the recommendations of the Service.
If the page of the payment was shut down, you can continue your payment on this link:
Your order will be valid for 30 minutes.

ID of your transaction in the system: 4958

Processing of replenishment of a VISA card is performed within a few seconds after receipt of your transfer. Nevertheless, the guaranteed time can be considered only officially regulated by the processing of processing payments of the bank. Maximum time of replenishment - 1 business day.

6. Once you verified and accepted the terms of the agreement, WMchanger transfers you to the payment page formed by the WebMoney service for automatic payments.

7. Again, checking the information of the payment, press the button Pay. You will be directed to the page where you have to enter the confirmation code.
8. Click the button"Next"and enter the confirmation code of the payment in the appeared window.  
9. If everything is correct you will see a window of the WebMoney merchant. If you have several purses of one type - in your WebMoney Keeper, select purse specified in the application. Be careful. WMchanger system does not accept and take into account payments made from the purse which is different from a specified in the application.
10. By clicking on the button "Confirm payment" you will complete the translation on the purse of the Service. You will be shown a page about successful payment to the seller.
Returning to the site WMchanger you will see another confirmation of successful payment.  
In future the procedure of direct transfer to your VISA card deals corresponding to this method automaticall interface. Withdrawing of funds by the Service on VISA card conducts automatically and instantly. Crediting on the bank card - from 3 to 6 business days (regulations of crediting interbank transfers specify yourself in your bank). Also, you will receive a message about successful transfer in your WebMoney Keeper of the following content:
30.05.10 19:09 e-com.dp.ua: aAYLQ2501002789423 2010-05-30 19:09:21 surname, name, patronymic UAH 760 проведен
Clarify cash flows transfered by the Service you can in the customer support of your bank.
If you are sure that you have committed transfer of Webmoney title units, and you have not received funds - please report support of the WMchanger about this fact. Support will help you over the situation and give appropriate recommendations for further action.
Registered in the WMchanger system users can monitor the status of the application in their personal area.

Supplemental information about Internet service WMchanger.com:
Direct link to registration in the WMchanger: Registration in WMchanger.
Direct link to Support of the WMchanger. Chat "Online". From 10.00 to 18.00 on weekdays: Online consultations in WMchanger.
Service of support of users To create an appeal for service of support
Email: Send an e-mail.

Supplemental information about internet banking of Privatbank (Privat24):
Direct link to registration and connection to Privat24: Registration/connection in Privat24
Direct link to support of Privat24. Chat "Online": Online consultations in Privat24
Phones of Privat24: Free telephone (only for citizens of Ukraine): 8-800-500-00-30
telephone : (380) 562-390-000
fax : (380) 562-390-271
Email: hotline@pbank.com.ua

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Здравствуйте. Ввожу значения, хочу обменять WMZ на гривны, нажимаю на кнопку «Обмен», но форма для заполнения информацией не появляется. Хотя, вроде всё делаю правильно. Что предпринять? В чём может быть проблема?

08/05/12 05:51 ecom_wm

Дмитрий, форма должна появляться, сайт работает в обычном режиме.
Обновите браузер, очистите кеш и кукки браузера, проверьте компьютер на наличие вредоносного по.
Все должно работать.

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